Couched as a fictional story, Coming to Terms is a meditation on a death, and its psychological impact on a fractured and divided family.  Its formal structure is far from normal narrative story-telling  in the cinema.
A man (played by avant garde filmmaker James Benning), father of two sons by two wives, calls his fractured family to his disheveled home.   He informs them of his state of health, and requests their help in committing suicide.
The film – rendered minimally as a “narrative”- reveals the impact on the family as they confront their father/husband.   The means by which this evoked is visual and poetic, expressed tonally rather than as plot.

Jost has published a full diary of the making of the film and of its release in festivals, etc.,  at:


2013 | Butte, Montana | HD Video | Color | Sound | 89 minutes

Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor : Jon Jost

With: James Benning, Katherine Sannella, Stephen Taylor, Roxanne Rogers and Ryan Harper Gray

Festivals: Jeonju (S Korea) 2013, St Louis, USA; Rotterdam 2014, Rencontres Internationales, Paris/Berlin, BAFICI Buenos Aires, Las Palmas, (Canary Islands), First Look (Museum of Moving Image, NYC) 2015